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HLS interior aug 2015Juli Edwards is available for Feng Shui Consulting. Feng Shui is the ancient practice of wind and water. Its a fun and inspiring way to explore different ideas to improve your life; bringing in greatness. The correct placement of objects as well as implementing complimentary colors and shapes, will truly enhance your well being and reduce accidents. When the chi (auspicious energy) is able to flow and nourish a space, wonderful things happen. Clearing the clutter and freeing up the walkways in your space are a few simple ways to allow the chi to flow. Getting rid of old broken or worn out objects and removing electronics and appliances not being used are some other great ways to clear stagnant energy and replace it with auspicious energy. With good Feng Shui practice, ever changing energy is most desirable. Ebb and Flow becomes the natural process. A free flowing life becomes effortless.

Feng Shui can be applied to the body, face, and hair. This is a Feng Shui Personal Profile. Each individual has their own element. Each element is unique. The 5 Feng Shui elements are metal, water, fire, wood, and earth. Each element has a place on the yin and yang symbol. Each has a desirable direction. Each has a variety of colors. Each has its own shape. When the personal chart is done, the individual will receive an interpretation of their chart done by Juli. Each analysis will include the information for the best colors, shapes, and personal element. Several examples will be shared to enhance your well being and immediately boost your confidence and style. Extraordinary things happen when this information is applied regularly. A Feng Shui personal analysis includes a haircut and style (that works with your chart) and will be done by Juli Edwards. Experience the benefits of this pertinent and life changing information. Get yourself aligned with your greatness and your natural beauty.
Long or thick hair may have additional fees. Human Hair Extensions and other services may be recommended but are not included in the price.

Juli is also available to come into your home for a Feng Shui Full Analysis. With good Feng Shui, you can achieve financial security, improve self esteem, and ultimately increase your quality of life. She will fine tune your home and provide many ideas to correct the inauspicious areas of your space to bring in divine energy. Using the correct colors and shapes in each area of your bagua chart will become the focus. A Full Analysis takes about 2 weeks to complete including (2) 3 hour home visits. Many times information that will be shared may be applied immediately and some may take months for an individual to complete. Patience and persistence are good practices and will reward you greatly. When the chi is flowing, fantastic things happen. Less accidents occur. Wealth is acquired. Peace and Love abound. Having your Feng Shui Full Analysis is an excellent way to get complete with your life. It will open doors to new adventures and enjoyment. A Full Analysis price is based on square footage up to 2500. Additional fees will be applied for a space larger than 2500 square feet. Additional fees will apply when more than 1 person is living or working in the space being analyzed. A chart of each person will be done separately.

Feng Shui Full Analysis - $700 pp
Feng Shui Personal Profile - $105 pp

Juli can be reached at

(561) 891-7527 in Boca Raton, Fl  

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